Principles for Building Strong Business Teams

Principles for Building Strong Business Teams
Principles for Building Strong Business Teams

Many entrepreneurs believe that good employees require time to grow. They educate, teach, and train them according to their business requirements. Then try to find ways to motivate them to do their job well. Lastly, they think of ways to keep hard-working employees from leaving the company.

This approach is fundamentally wrong, which is why most companies have personnel problems.

In our company, we act entirely differently. We follow the principle of giving the proper role to the right people.

We utilize the principle of metacognitive programming to select our employees: seeing through, which leans on quickly assessing genetically determined personality traits. We literally “read” people using the OCEAN diagnostic method.

By the way, you, too, can find out your personality type by taking our free “5 Voices” test.

Here’s how we select people for our dream team

For example, sincere people are almost always dynamic and orderly. They are also very diligent. People with brilliant minds are highly open to different experiences and can think creatively. People with high levels of energy are ambiverts. Ambivert people are those who feel good being among people and being alone.

When we are hiring employees for customer care, in addition to these qualities, we look for accommodation and above-average neuroticism. When looking for sales employees, we seek people with below-average neuroticism and accommodation levels.

Essential employees should have these three characteristics (that they share):

  • The openness is above average;​
  • The consciousness that is above average;
  • Extraversion is below average.

Team building

How do you know if an employee is right for you?

Five factors determine whether or not you should say “yes” to an employee:

1.Their actions speak louder than words.

2.They can make independent decisions and are ready to bear the consequences of their mistakes.

3.They greet you as their equal or as someone with higher skill.

4.They are visionaries.

5.They have an instant presence.

Which team members should we let go without regrets?

Students in our business coaching program often ask me: What about those employees who aren’t driven? After all, so much money and time has been invested in them, and then they just leave?

Here are some thoughts on the subject:

We help people grow not because it is always profitable but because it is necessary. And sometimes people grow apart. We can’t do anything about it.

We don’t waste time or money; we invest. Some investments give a higher return, some lower, while some are only losses. And that’s okay.

Understanding in whom to invest is clear. Team members are like Facebook ads. If the ad is cool, it will convert from the first minute. It’s the same with people. If a player is strong, you will feel the pull instantly. It never happens that in the first week, the ad goes unnoticed and then suddenly begins to make a crazy return. That doesn’t occur with employees, either.

Strong people need investing. Your job as a leader is to invest in other leaders and give them more responsibility.

What you get in life is not what you want but what you accept. If you decide to keep a weak player by your side, then you are spending, not investing.

Businesses keep people around because they have invested so much in them. Or because they have been working together for a long time. Or because everything will fall on the owner if they are let go.

That’s a path to degradation, not growth.

“Generally, you look for three things in a person,” says Buffett. “Intelligence, energy, and integrity. If they don’t have the last one, don’t bother with the first two because an intelligent but deceitful person can bury your reputation, while a silly and energetic person can bury you. A smart, honest, but passive person will just take up space.

You need all of these qualities together.

What else is essential to know about building a robust business team that will make cosmic results

Firstly, start teams work successfully on projects when their leader supports them from below and not when he is showing them his ass from above.

Secondly, a business is always a reflection of the owner’s personality. If the employees don’t have the same mindset as the owner, everything will remain the same.

Your business’s vision must be big enough to encompass your team’s dreams.

Our coaches build teams in which all members learn how to transform their thinking so they can interact effectively with each other.

The coaches ensure that the work being done is meaningful and that everyone in the company is driven.

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