Misha Saidov

Misha Saidov

A life performance coach and author, the founder of IMCP (Institute of Metacognitive Programming) and Think Meta, a coaching company that conducts 4000+ client sessions per month.

What a perfect week should look like

Many years ago, I wrote The Efficiency Journal, which sold thousands of copies. A little later, I converted The Efficiency Journal into an online course and called it C-Flow. Defining the Ideal Week:

How to start loving yourself?

Self-love could appear more of a luxury than a necessity. However, self-love is far from being a new-age craze for people with too much free time. There is no unique definition of it,

Think Meta

How to think about reality so that you always feel at home, regardless of the conditions? So that you can enjoy both the silence of the ocean and the storm, like a petrel?

How to stop being a victim

We have reviewed 700 pages of peer-reviewed studies on victim mentality. Overwhelming evidence makes the lesson clear: People often get exploited or betrayed, even by those they trust, but whether these experiences break